Perfect nightmare.
Complete version of VRITRA appeared on PC this summer! New stages has been added, and a lot of updates are done.



  1. FEATURE #1 Amazing graphics and powerful sound effects

    The game Includes stunning lifelike graphics that support the Retina display and deep sound effects for dramatic scenes.

  2. FEATURE #2 Simple and smooth controls

    Deep gameplay yet simple controls: only flick to move and use the single boost button. You can also change the screen size or layout to ensure a better game experience.

  3. FEATURE #3 Replay function

    You can use the replay data storage function, and should share your replay in twitter. Alternatively you can download the other users' replays to learn how they completed the game. You can forward it to the favorite scene by touching the screen.

  4. FEATURE #4 Attack method rich in variety

    You can change the type of your vajra by collecting different items. You're to be equipped with vajra according to the situation, and would be able to advance more.

    • Blue vajra

      The basic vajra with a concentrated front attack. It's pre-equipped.The blue vajras follow the dragon and shoot forward.The vajras are fixed at the point while boosting and allows you to fire powerful lasers to the front.

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    • Red vajra

      Require technical controls. They can attack all directions. They fire to the opposite direction of the dragon. The gun barrels are fixed while boosting for mass attacks.

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    • Green vajra

      The defensive vajra that gives you a safe gameplay. Circle around the dragon and defend the enemy's attack. Slowly move forward while boosting. When hitting, they'll cause a large damage to the enemy.

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    • Yellow vajra

      The vajras with a wide range attack, which is suitable for beginners. They are fixed over and at the bottom of the dragon. Shoot multi-direction. They are set in front of the dragon while boosting and allows you to shoot more bullets.

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    When the "MEGA CRASH" from which now and then emerge in MUGEN VRITRA is acquired, an enemy on the screen can be destroyed completely. Boost gage is recovered perfectly at the same time, and the score is raised according to appearance time of the mega crash. When being lacking in the dangerous situation or the energy, you have to go to get a mega crash and probably become profitable.